Terms of Service

These following terms are agreed upon by the user when using CloudMass' products, services and related content. Should, if under legal duress, one or more term(s) be voided, the remaining clauses will still apply to the user. 

1. Terms of Use

Your use of this website, and all CloudMass mobile applications, are subject to these terms of use and all applicable laws. By using this website, or any mobile applications published by CloudMass and/or partners, you agree to be bound by these terms of use. At any time, CloudMass reserves the right to change or modify these Terms of Service, including our Privacy Policy, with or without notice to the user. Where possible, CloudMass will endeavour to notify the users of amendments or modifications made, but this may not always be possible, and your continued use of our products and services constitutes your agreement of these modified terms. Modified terms will be effective immediately upon publicly releasing on this page, or relevant pages on the CloudMass website.

2. Governing Law

These terms of use and the provision of goods and service by CloudMass and/or partners are governed by and to be interpreted in accordance with the laws in force in New Zealand and in the event of any dispute arising in relation to these terms of use or their subject matter you irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand over such dispute. 

3. Extent of Care

CloudMass does not provide a complete solution to caring for dependent individuals, nor does CloudMass claim to do so. Instead, the CloudMass product range provides an additional service to care for dependent individuals in an attempt to increase their freedom. CloudMass products should not be used as a standalone service to care for dependent individuals and instead, an additional service to a preconceived action plan and care regime. CloudMass cannot take any liability for the miuse of our services and/or product and cannot be held liable in the occurrence of a disappearance of dependent individuals using our products and/or service.

4. Availability of Service

CloudMass does not and cannot guarantee availability of the CloudMass website and services indefinitely. They cannot guarantee that there will be no interruptions or delays in relation to the website, products or services. The availability of any CloudMass service or product may be subject to conditions beyond CloudMass' control, including, for example, but not limited to network problems, human or technical error.  This clause includes potential outages within CloudMass' control. Where possible, CloudMass will endeavour to notify users of planned outage of CloudMass services and/or products but this may not always be possible and CloudMass cannot be held liable for any outages of their products and/or services.

5. Responsibility of Use

The purchaser and/or user of any CloudMass products and/or services are solely responsible for their use of CloudMass services and/or products.  This includes compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations in the region of use.  CloudMass cannot be held liable for any misuse of their products and/or services.